All Android users who have not yet had a chance to find a pair, you should try to change your smartphone to the Apple device.

This study was conducted by a company Decluttr. According to employees of the company, 7 out of 10 people prefer to meet those who have the iPhone.

The reasons for the mass. Many people call iPhone owners more refined and sophisticated. Someone thinks that the reason for the money. In some places there still exists the stereotype that the Apple smartphone is something of a luxury and a sign that the person in possession of such a device, very solid financial position.

Decluttr also found out that the guys saw the broken screen smartphone girl, take it as a sign of slovenliness and poverty. Ladies do not particularly care about the state of gadget, but if the young man did not iPhone 7, but iPhone 4s, it could negatively affect its perception.

It is worth noting that iPhone users are much more dependent on their gadgets. Some may even cancel a date to spend more time in social networks.

The study was conducted among 1,502 people. Who are these people, and how employees Decluttr chose them is unknown.


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