The U.S. Supreme court rejected Apple’s objections, approving further consideration of the claim of App Store customers to the company, according to foreign media. Users of the app store believe that the cupertinos have violated antitrust laws by capturing the market of mobile applications, which led to higher prices for them.

Will have to fork out

The U.S. Supreme court has allowed the App Store to file antitrust lawsuit against Apple, according to CNBC. A group of plaintiffs convinced that “Apple” abused its position in the market of mobile apps for gadgets, spreading them exclusively through its own store. Thus, users have to download software only from the App Store, while overpaying for their use.

According to the materials of the case, users of iOS devices are required to use the App Store, which charges a 30% Commission from app developers. Developers, in turn, lay the 30% to the cost of the application, causing the client to pay the difference.

While Apple claimed that may not be defendants in this case because, technically, the plaintiffs are not customers of “Apple”, and with application developers who use App Store as a marketplace. However, the U.S. Supreme court ruled that this logic is inapplicable in the case of Apple.

“The borders that is trying to install Apple, do not carry meaning, moreover, in order fraudulently to save the company from this and other similar lawsuits,” said the Supreme court judge Brett Cavanaugh.

“We do not agree. The plaintiffs bought the app directly from Apple, which means that they are customers of the company,” added the judge.

It is worth noting that while this case is in its early stages, and therefore still not been established for certain, whether Apple violated Federal antitrust law. However, the court’s decision could set a precedent, which would mark the beginning of the war between Apple and offended users, who have leverage on the company.

If this case is lost, Apple will have to reimburse the amount that the customer “overpaid” while using App Store.

While the press service of Apple did not give an official comment on this issue.

In late April, the New York Times reported that Apple intentionally removes apps that help the user to reduce the use of gadgets and to get rid of dependence on your own smartphone, thus promoting its own services at the expense of other, smaller companies.

Over the past year Apple has removed or limited the functions of 11 of the 17 most popular apps to limit screen time and parental control.

In some cases, Apple forced the company to remove from their applications, parental controls, and others have just removed the app from its store without warning.

“They removed us all of a sudden… They are systematically killing the industry,” said Amir Moussavian whose application restricting children’s access to prohibited content, and attracted over three million downloads.

Thus in a press-service Apple reported that the app was removed only because gather a lot of data from the smartphone user.

Monopolists fight

The Supreme court’s decision is not in favor of Apple may constitute a danger to other players of Silicon valley. So, lately all the louder calls to “divide” Facebook, which owns the eponymous social network, photo sharing site Instagram and WhatsApp messenger.

One of those who proposed to deprive Zuckerberg’s monopoly, was the co-founder of Facebook Chris Hughes. According to Hughes, the current Facebook is not the same as they created it with mark Zuckerberg during their joint stay in the dormitory at Harvard.

“The [Facebook. — “Газета.Ru”] that exists now, I believe, is too big. And he’s too powerful. And most importantly, its CEO mark Zuckerberg is not responsible,” wrote Hughes in a newspaper column for the NYT.

If the current composition of the Supreme court of the United States suspected Apple of violating antitrust laws, then it is very likely that Facebook may soon suffer the same fate. That in the hands of large companies in Silicon valley is too much power, also said America’s President Donald trump, instructed last year to his assistants to investigate the case.

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