Every year smartphone makers delight us with their innovations. Was recently presented Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and very soon its new flagship show and Apple. But which devices this year most awaited? A survey conducted by the magazine PC Mag gave the answer to this question.

According to the publication, were interviewed about 1555 people in the United States. The results were as follows:

About 42% of respondents said that most expect new products from Apple, the smartphones which is known to make debut in September. In second place in the list of the most anticipated smartphone is Samsung Galaxy Note with 9% to 24%. Third place, far behind, took Pixel 3 only 7% of respondents shared that waiting for the new flagship Google. Located next to the V40 LG with an index of 4%, Huawei Mate 20 with 3% and OnePlus 6T c the result at 2%.

Remarkably, of those respondents who have chosen the Galaxy Note 9, 76% already own a smartphone Samsung. However, only about 8% of respondents intend to switch from the iPhone to the flagship of South Korean giant.

The survey also revealed some consumer habits — it became known that users are careful with pre-orders. For example, only 3% of respondents are willing to pre-order, and about 2% will purchase a new smartphone immediately after its appearance in stores. Many expressed that will first examine reviews before buying a device. However, the vast majority, namely 55% of respondents said that the release of the updated model is not a reason to upgrade your current phone.


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