Today it became known that Apple could not prevent the Swiss watch company Swatch to promote its watches with NFC-enabled slogan Tick Different. The court of Switzerland noted that the Apple slogan Think Different is not enough known in their country.

Apple lawyers tried to prove that the slogans Tick Different and Think Different very in sync with each other. However, the court decided that the famous Apple slogan, which cupertinos used in its advertising from 1997 to 2002, not popular in Switzerland.

The judges asked the lawyers working to prove that more than 50% of people associate the phrase Tick Different with Apple. However, experts failed to provide evidence that would confirm this. In the end, Swatch had the opportunity to use a Tick Different slogan in its advertising.

It is worth noting that Apple is not the first time meet with representatives of the Swiss watch company in court. In the past cupertinos tried to sue the Swatch of the right to the slogan One more thing that Apple often uses during his presentations. However, the court sided with the watch company.


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