— Two years later, the people found in the Park, “Krasnodar” wireless chargers in lighting fixtures, — is reported under the post in the social network page of the urban community.

As the correspondent of “New Kuban” in the organizational Department of the national Park “Krasnodar”, in engineering terms, such a function of the lamp columns was not provided.

It’s a long story. We can’t comment on this information. The chief engineer confirmed that the light poles in the Park “Krasnodar” have the function of wireless charging phones.

In the PR Department of the national Park “NC” told me that the news is fake and referred to the experiment of journalists. So, the correspondent “Кубань24” tried to charge in the Park, “Krasnodar” on columns 2 phones of different brands. No one function does not work.

— Information on wireless charging from lamp columns is not true. Infoportal “Кубань24” has denied the news. She is a fake — said the PR-Department of the Park.

But some citizens still hope that information about the miracle properties of lanterns- truth. They believe that the technology probably works with the latest series of phone from the famous company “Apple”. Someone even wrote that he was able to charge the phone.

Other residents could not resist a humorous comment under the post.

Said one boy’s head was attached and became smart!

Is there another trick is — if a Bank card on the post, put, her balance starts to increase. Approximately 5 rubles per minute.

— What to do to become rich?

— And I thought my daughter where so much energy is taken and it is to these columns run up and hold again to jump.

The author of the video, which quickly spread to the pages of the online communities not defined.

*spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. “NC”

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