According to the authoritative publication the Wall Street Journal, in the near future, the Apple team will leave several leading designers. We are talking about Rico Sarkangalvite and Daniele de Iuliis who have worked in a team on industrial design more than ten years each. Soon Apple will leave Julian Hoenig, another team member Jonathan Ive.

It is unknown why the designers decided to leave Apple. In fact, more or less clear answer was given only Solkendorf. He said that leaves the company at his own request. The designer said that quite long pondered this decision, but he can not work in full force now wants to spend more time with family.

It should be noted that this is not the first time the “a” team of Apple designers is losing its members. A similar process began a couple of years ago. Leading designers began to leave Apple company in order to focus on their own projects or participate in small startups.


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