According to the Turkish newspaper Sabah, there was evidence of the murder and dismemberment of journalist Jamal Casucci in the Saudi Consulate.

The time of the murder and questioning the missing Saudi journalist Jamal Casucci accidentally signed up for it the Apple Watch. Information about this was circulated Turkish newspaper Sabah, citing its own sources in law enforcement agencies.

As writes the edition, before you enter the Consulate Galucci left your girlfriend iPhone and turned on the recording on the Apple Watch. After this, the mobile device “are synchronized with the clock Apple Watch” who were on hand correspondent.

According to newspaper material, as a result, the audio recording of the interrogation, torture and murder of Jamal Casucci was transferred to the iPhone, and then automatically uploaded to Apple’s iCloud.

“The representatives of Saudi intelligence saw the clock on the hand of a journalist, and then attempted to erase data from the device. However, some of the records destroy failed and after studying them it became clear that the murder took place,” writes Sabah.

On Thursday, us media reported that Turkey had informed US about the availability of materials showing the torture and murder of Casucci. It was noted that these records confirm the fact of the murder and dismemberment of a journalist in the Saudi Consulate.

Columnist for the Washington Post and Jamal Casucci living in the United States, went missing in Turkey on 2 October. As told to his bride, the staff of the Consulate of Saudi Arabia invited on the eve of the journalist for the paperwork, and it is the building is not missed. After several hours of waiting the girl reported that her fiance supposedly had left the Consulate building.

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