Some time ago, Vanson Bourne interviewed a large number of employees of us corporations and tried to find out how users are satisfied with Apple computers. It turned out that the transition from Windows to macOS, increases productivity and positively affects the quality of the work.

In the survey Vanson Bourne, took part the employees of different companies. Among them were companies from the field of IT, HR, sales, engineering agencies, etc. In the vast majority of cases, users comments about Mac computers very well.

Based on feedback after the transition from Windows to Mac:

— 97% of respondents increased productivity;

— 95% were better able to cope with creative tasks;

— 94% of respondents become easier to be given challenging assignments related to technology.

In addition, respondents noted that during the year they almost did not encounter any difficulties when working with a Mac. In most cases, even if problems did arise, they most often were associated with networks and not with the computers themselves.


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