Lisa Brennan-jobs, daughter of Steve jobs, is going to publish an autobiography, which tells about the childhood experiences.

The book is called “Small fry” (“Small Fry”) will be available in September in English. The author of a work published segments on the website of Vanity Fair magazine, and it is clear that Steve jobs was very cruel to his daughter.

Prior to the publication of the book, it was known that Steve refused to acknowledge the daughter and did not pay child support until paternity has not confirmed a DNA test.

Separate incidents from the life of Lisa Brennan-jobs, described in her autobiography:

• When Lisa moved in with Steve in his teenage years, he forbade her to see her mother for 6 months.

• In the new house, the girl felt alone and alienated. One day she asked Steve and his wife Lauren Powell jobs is to wish her Goodnight, to which she replied: “We are a cold people”.

• Once Steve began to simulate sexual contact with Lauren, and demanded that the daughter remained in the room.

• Steve has many times denied to daughters in money and said she gets nothing from the riches of the father.

• One day, after a farewell hug Steve said to his daughter: “you smell like a toilet.”

• In high school, Lisa began to lead an active social life and gained credibility among peers. During this period, Steve, not previously shown interest in it, began to accuse the daughter that she’s not spending time with family. “It doesn’t work, you’re not a success as a member of this family,” once said Steve.


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