According to Mashable, everyone who works in the US government will be forced to abandon any of the gadgets released by ZTE and Huawei. These companies are suspected of having links with the Chinese government.

The reason for the order was the concern that the Ministry of public security of China could introduce spyware into the computers, routers, and devices sold to the U.S. government or its employees.

A ban on the use of gadgets produced by ZTE and Huawei, enshrined in the new national defence act. The products of these companies cannot be used either as primary or as an auxiliary element of any communication system.

The U.S. Congress has long suspects ZTE and Huawei in communications with the government of China. For the first time, concerns were expressed in 2012.

Ordinary members may need to urgently change their smartphones. In the last quarter, Huawei overtook Apple and became the second largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. In turn, smartphones ZTE are fourth in popularity in the United States.

Due to the recent scandal with unauthorized spying Google users, fall under suspicion and other Android devices. Apple’s tough stance on privacy protection in this case plays into the hands of the company, Tim cook.


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