In connection with the introduction of the France digital tax in respect of American companies, the United States can impose duties on French goods. On Monday said the representative of the USA at trading negotiations Robert Leitheiser.

His office conducted an investigation, following which it was concluded that the digital tax in France discriminare American company. We are talking about companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon. In response, the possibility of the imposition of duties (the size of which can reach 100 percent) for 63 types of goods from France with a total value of $ 2.4 billion. Similar investigations will be conducted with respect to taxes on digital services Austria, Italy and Turkey, said in a statement Leithauser.

In mid-July, the French Parliament adopted a law on the tax on digital services to the largest companies in the U.S., RIA Novosti reported. This decision provoked strong criticism from Washington, and the President of the United States Donald trump said about the possibility of a tax on French wine. Later, the President of France Emmanuel macron promised that once the digital tax at the international level, the tax in France canceled.

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