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This event passed almost unnoticed. This week the company “Apple” (Apple) announced the release of new models of IPads, not arranging events and noise for this reason — this became known from the updated web site and the Twitter of the Director General of Apple’s Tim cook (Tim Cook).

Sometimes Apple updates their products without much fanfare, and here we are talking about slight improvements to the technical characteristics, but in this case silence is strange. The new model “IPad air” (iPad Air) and “IPad mini” (iPad Mini) has taken a very significant technical features: not just a faster processor, but the stylus support “Apple pensil”, plus support for “intelligent” keyboard and superior speakers for “IPad air”.

One possible reason for restraint release is that next week Apple will unveil its news service and streaming video service and expects to attract all the attention to this event. But another explanation is that it becomes difficult to justify the existence of so many products you sold.

New models of IPads was added to the lineup of the five tablets to tablets. Officially on sale five different models of the IPhone, but “IPhone X” (iPhone X) remains popular, so that actually more like six. The company offers four different models of MacBook (MacBook), including two versions of “MacBook air”, and more than one generation “MacBook Pro” (MacBook Pro). This week, the company Apple even added a few models Aimag and thereby brought the lineup to three models.

When Steve jobs wanted to get rid of the buttons because I appreciate simplicity. What happened to that company?

On the one hand, this increase is probably normal. As the company develops and expands markets, it may choose one of two things — either concentrate on a narrow segment of consumers, or to expand the range of products to cover different price categories. Apple is clearly committed to the latter, the prices for the IPad start from $ 329 and go up to an absurd amount, 1 of $ 899 for the top model in the line of “IPad Pro”.

In this sense, the new “IPad air” for $ 499 is an attempt to kill two birds with one stone: to make the IPad a more affordable alternative to a laptop, especially for students, and make buyers of products of the lower price segment to pay attention to models that are more expensive than the cheapest IPad, since the underlying model is often found on sale for $ 249.

But this expansion is not just confusing. For example, all the flagship line of models of IPhones and IPads have moved to the interface without a physical Home button — and by the way, it is certainly better — but in the newly released models IPad Home button appeared again. So with high probability the owners of the new devices that have “IPhone x” and later versions, you will have to deal with two different interfaces, which will also affect Apple and its developer partners. In addition, new models support IPad stylus “Apple pensil”, but this is only true for the first generation, but not for the second, which is already out on the market.

Is Apple the only company that confuses buyers confused with his line of products? Of course not. Model laptops with “Windows” (Windows) regularly are marked with mysterious codes like XU507 that are as mysterious as uninformative. However, Apple has long been known to clear brand positioning, which in itself was a key argument in favor of the purchase.

Let’s discuss what it means to shop in the second decade of the XXI century. Other people are not so spoiled by choice as we are. Selection of products is so great that attempts to break through this diversity not only takes time, but often just suppress.

Part of the charm, “Apple” was that if you have money and you want the best tablet, laptop or smartphone, in the market, all you need to do is determine the size model of IPad, MacBook or IPhone. The limited selection was kind of a relief, a simplification of the world and saving resources, making the idea of diversity a little absurd.

The current product line “Apple” does not simplify the selection process. Is it worth to buy “Ifok x-R” (iPhone XR), or add a couple hundred dollars and take “x” (XS)? Maybe save a few hundred dollars and buy a MacBook with a processor “Intel core” (Intel Core) seventh generation, or is it to stay on the model of the eighth generation? Actually, why the average consumer needs to worry with such issues? In an effort to expand the product line, Apple has lost its main advantage.

To clarify the situation, it should be noted that this does not diminish the success of the company. Apple will continue to earn billions of dollars, and many of its products will be sold at prices which other companies can only dream of. But in fact, it is a sign of something a little sad and regrettable that even the best products and the company grinds the car market, then they become worse.

This is enough to make consumers want quiet bring new products to market. If you do not know about them, then at least the choice will not be so incredibly difficult.

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