The US Federal government began another investigation in relation to the company Facebook, which last year trying in vain to bring a succession of scandals and investigations surrounding the leaking of user data. We are talking about agreements in which personal information of users of this popular social network was transferred to third parties. In this kind of deal with Facebook came about 150 major technology firms, including Amazon, Apple, Microsoft.

According to the newspaper the New York Times, a jury court in new York under the relevant criminal case has requested the testimony of at least two major manufacturers of smartphones and gadgets that have access to personal information of hundreds of millions of users of Facebook. Request details are not given.

The leadership of the social network claim that they have now abandoned this practice and previously within the framework of agreements third-party company could get access to personal user data only in the case if they themselves have given such consent. But investigators believe that the company’s partners, including Amazon and Microsoft, can view lists of friends, contacts and sometimes other information even without the knowledge of users and, moreover, to bypass the restrictions that they put in their privacy settings of their accounts in social networks. For example, Apple was able to hide from users of Facebook every indication that the devices have access to personal information.

Such actions, as the newspaper notes, in breach of the agreement between the Federal trade Commission and Facebook from 2011. If the company is found guilty, the authorities may oblige it to pay the largest fines of up to several billion dollars.

In the company publication, and the investigation did not comment, limiting the General words that are cooperating with the authorities and are seriously the safety of users. This is not the first hearing about how the social network founded by mark Zuckerberg, provides protection of personal data of users. In particular, a private investigation against Facebook lead the U.S. Federal trade Commission, the Commission on securities and stock exchanges, and regional agencies of the state of new York. Another investigation concerns the transmission of user data Facebook Cambridge Analytica, who collaborated with his campaign of Donald trump during the presidential campaign in the United States in 2016.

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