Price still resolves.

Despite the successful sales of the iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone, the popularity of new products soon “will decline”. The release of a more affordable iPhone XR leads to a simultaneous decline in demand for iPhone and iPhone XS XS Max. This is reported by DigiTimes sources in the supply chain of components.

The interest of buyers to the iPhone XR owing to the much lower price of the smartphone compared to other iPhone 2018. XR cost of iPhone is $749, which is much less than $999 and $1099 for iPhone iPhone XS and XS Max respectively.

As pointed out earlier this week, the reluctance of most owners of iPhone X to change it on the iPhone XS is because they do not see significant differences between the two smartphones. In the case with the iPhone XS Max there are differences, they are significant, but prevents a single important fact. The 6.5-inch giant iPhone XS Max is so many that just cannot afford.

By the end of the year Apple will cut orders for the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, redistributing them in favor of the iPhone XR. This information is consistent with earlier evidence that the share of the iPhone XR will have more than fifty percent of all iPhone shipments in 2018.

Source: DigiTimes


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