Unusual social experiment.

Vitaminwater, a subsidiary of the Coca-Cola company, announced an unusual contest. The company will pay 100 thousand dollars to anyone who can spend without a smartphone for a year. To apply for participation in the original social experiment can be anyone, but Vitaminwater will choose only one member, and in a year check it on the lie detector.

Under the terms of the contest, Vitaminwater, the participant will have to spend a whole year without a smartphone. The company shall provide the participant of the experiment a normal phone which can only receive calls. A year later, the company will test potential winner of $ 100 thousand by means of tests of a lie detector in order to ensure that he didn’t really used a smartphone.

To apply for participation in the contest Vitaminwater can anyone. For that you need to publish your photo to Instagram or Twitter and tell us why you want to break from your smartphone for a whole year. The publication must be the hashtag #nophoneforayear for that Vitaminwater was able to track all potential candidates.

Applications for participation in the original contest will be accepted until January 8, 2019.

Source: vitaminwater.


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