A resident of China sold a kidney on the black market for money on mobile and tablet Apple and is now suffering from kidney failure. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

He decided to buy iPhone and iPad in 2011, when he was 17 years old. My parents did not have money for such an expensive gift, so the young man found on the Internet in trafficking in organs. They promised to pay well if he will donate one of their kidneys for transplantation.

In April of the same year, a young man secretly from parents has been in another province. There he removed the kidney and transplanted it to the patient who paid for a body of ten thousand dollars (670 thousand) and 150 million yuan (1.45 million rubles) — for the operation. The young man received 10 percent of this sum — 22 thousand yuan (about 210 thousand) and immediately bought the iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

Soon his health began to deteriorate. He started having kidney failure, then the only kidney completely failed. For hemodialysis, a young man forced for days to get out of bed. Seven years later after the surgery he lives on state benefits and needs constant care.

Law enforcement found three intermediaries, who organized a clandestine operation, and two doctors involved in the kidney removal. Intermediaries were sentenced to prison terms ranging from three to five years, doctors went to jail for three years. The family of the victim received compensation in the amount of 1.47 million yuan (14.4 million rubles).

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