Moscow, February 11 — “News. Economy”In the era of rapid development of technologies, devices, released a couple of years ago may seem outdated today, the same as those that appeared in the 1980-ies. Passed the days of plastic cell phones with antennas we now have sleek smartphones made of glass and metal, and wired controllers are replaced by virtual reality headsets. And many such examples. Let’s see how some of the most famous technical gadgets have evolved since then, as has been announced.

Nintendo Game Boy
The first Game Boy was released in 1989, as continuation to the known pocket games of Nintendo Game & Watch. It was the first popular portable gaming system, and many companies tried to repeat the success of the Game Boy, but no one to do this and failed. The device had a monochrome LCD screen with dimensions of 160×144 pixels, stereo sound on four channels, and feature-GameLink that allows you to connect two consoles together and play together in supporting this technology game.

Today, the company releases the Nintendo Switch — a hybrid of handheld and stationary console. The main feature of Switch is the ability to play with connected to the TV (via a special dock) and built-in screen in portable mode. Nintendo Switch got the HDMI and USB Type-C, and a battery that will provides 3 to 6 hours of gameplay in offline mode. Nintendo Switch features local multiplayer for up to eight consoles via Wi-Fi.

Samsung TVs

Korean tech giant Samsung has started production of TV sets in the 1970-ies. By the end of 90-ies the company has established the world’s first mass production of digital TVs. In the early 2000s, Samsung began producing high-definition TVs, and expanded the range of Blu-Ray players and equipment for home theater.

In 2019 offers a range of Samsung TVs with smart features and even a giant 219-inch TV called “The Wall”. 146-inch TV with MicroLED technology from Samsung uses microscopic LEDs, the size of which does not exceed a few microns, is much smaller than the LEDs modern LED screens, each pixel emits light independently.


The Macintosh 128K was the first computer that appeared at the beginning of 1984. It was the first of its kind monoblock which had a black and white monitor, and a 9-inch. Of course, he had no “super powers” that might surprise a modern user, but at the time, such computers could only dream of in dreams. The computer was the processor Motorola 68000, which had 128 KB of RAM and a frequency of 8 MHz. The price of the computer was equal to $2.495. The whole operating system was stored on a classic floppy disk, with a size of 400 KB. In order to migrate the application data, it was necessary to replace the floppy. Steve jobs was still trying to make the computer unique, he completely abandoned the arrows on the keyboard, so as not to produce a regular IBM PC. So Apple forced developers to write applications from scratch. However, the arrows still appeared on the Macintosh, but much later.

Compare vintage device with modern Macbook Pro — it works with the frequency of 3.9 GHz, 500 times faster than the Macintosh 128K. And that’s not even taking into account the multi-core and Hyper Threading technology. For RAM, the difference is even greater: stood in the old 128 KB, the new model of 128 GB, that is a million times more. GPUs generally can not be compared, in the first Mac had a few chips to control the display, which Apple was evaluated in 1 bit. The Mac Pro may be 1 GB, and 6 GB. Iron Macintosh could power a monochrome display with a resolution of 512×384 (although in the PC was the screen on 512х342). It is 42 times less points than a single monitor 4K resolution. A Mac Pro is designed for three such monitor. And of high quality: coloured and with a high PPI.

Xbox — game console developed and manufactured by Microsoft. First went on sale on 15 November 2001. This is the first independent performance of Microsoft in the market of gaming consoles after the joint with the SEGA project to develop a version of the operating system Windows CE for Dreamcast game consoles.

The successor of the Xbox became the Xbox 360 and later Xbox One. The first version of the console was wired with the CD-ROM drive. Now all of the controllers are wireless, and future models of drives may not be — Microsoft is reportedly working on a new console where all the content is downloaded from the Network..

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is a series of devices for reading electronic books produced by the company Amazon Kindle devices enable users to shop, download, browse, and read e-books, Newspapers, magazines, blogs and other digital media via wireless networking. However, the first Kindle had only 6-inch black and white display with four gradations of brightness. 250 MB of internal memory can hold about 200 nieustraszony books. For memory expansion there is a connector for SD cards.

Currently, Amazon offers three models: Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis. Current versions come with features such as water resistance, built-in entertainment Amazon, Wi-Fi and cellular.


the iPhone has allowed users to have, in fact, a computer in your pocket. Introducing the device, founder and CEO of Apple, Steve jobs said: “We want to make it so simple that it could be used by all.” Since then, the iPhone has steadily improved, but have kept the main concept is simplicity, elegance of design and attention to detail.

Modern iPhones a little more than the first models, but because they are more difficult to fit in a back pocket. However, the iPhone iPhone XS and XR have such capabilities, which no one was able to think in 2007. Now smartphone can be used as a wallet thanks to Apple Pay, dual camera help you to take pictures of professional quality, and the Health app helps keep track of multiple biometric indicators, from sleep schedule, to food and activity.

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