We have shared with you details about the timing of the advent of the iPhone XS in the sale of its retail price and even the possibility of a release of a simplified version called iPhone XC. The only thing we still have not showed you some photos or a video which depicted a running instance of the future smartphone. Corrected.

Thanks to the journalists resource SlashLeaks, literally flooded the Network with all sorts of leaks about the new iPhone, we have a live photos of the iPhone XS. They depict a working machine that, according to the author, is the flagship iPhone for the 2018 model year. No reason not to believe him, and trust in us.

These are pictures?

Since we don’t know how the device got into the hands of the author photo, then, of course, can not be accurate to say that we have before us the original. In any case, the initiator of the leak did not bother to demonstrate any specifications of the smartphone, nor even the version of the OS, which, given the quality of the pictures, the selected perspective, and a welcome offer in the Notes, he had enough time.

On the other hand, the appearance of the iPhone XS will be completely identical to the original iPhone X and, therefore, presents photographs, even if they are 100% genuine, would not have been a revelation for us. Anyway, before the official release date of the new iPhone remains little more than a day, and then wait for the confirmation or refutation of leaks is long.

Where to watch Apple’s live event September 12

AppleInsider.ru will conduct a text broadcast of the event, which you can watch on our live page. Traditionally, we start an hour before it starts and show behind the scenes footage from the Theatre of Steve jobs.


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