Apple is constantly trying to add to its smart watch, the new functions associated with health. For example, last year kupertinovtsy Apple Watch equipped with a scanner, ECG, and this year, the Apple watch can learn to measure blood sugar levels.

Currently in the patent portfolio Apple has at least a couple of documents that describe the methods of measuring blood sugar with wearable devices. However, recently, the network appeared new information that suggests the imminent appearance in the Apple Watch a chance.

According to the head of the company Dexcom, which is one of the leading manufacturers of blood glucose meters in the near future they can begin to work closely with Apple. The details of cooperation, of course, unknown. However, the network has information that the project is somehow connected with the system Dexcom G6.

Today, the system Dexcom G6 can already work with Apple’s wearable device through a special transmitter, sold separately. However, it is likely that in the future Apple is implementing deeper integration of such devices with the Apple Watch. Talking about adding Apple watch built-in meter is not.


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