What changes and innovations associated with the processor, we will see in the flagship Apple this year.

Journalist Jason Cross analyzed data from TSMC that the new A12 processor will be manufactured at the 7-nanometer process technology. Compared to the 10-nanometer chip A11 significant changes in performance.

If the processor A11 has produced a 7-nanometer process technology, he would have become 40% less, and to maintain the current speed he would have needed 40% less energy. Working at full capacity, it will make the camera 20% faster.

In the processor A11 productive two and four energy-intensive core work at the same time. In the same A12 CPU cores, but they should be faster and more efficient: journalist predicts improved performance by 25-30%. According to Cross, the new processor will give a figure of 13 000 test benchmark Geekbench 4.

Most likely, the GPU will be faster on 40%, however, due to the limited bandwidth of memory on gaming performance is almost not affected.

Given the anticipated improvements, Apple probably will present the new A12 processor and higher requirements. Thanks to the new processor, the phone will receive and additional features.

The battery life of the battery will depend on battery capacity, efficiency of screen and radio signals, and from the new A12 processor. The new iPhone is expected the battery is larger, thus the battery capacity, the journalist said, will increase compared to the beginning.


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