MOSCOW, 28 Jun — RIA Novosti. Three representatives of the MIA “Russia today” won all-Russian competition for the best journalistic work in 2018 of the Union of journalists of Russia. Lina Alexwhite from the center of innovation journalism media group was awarded for the multimedia series “Homeless. Exit”, the browser of the centre government projects Faith Costume — for her essay “Mymodule in Nenets. How are the nomads of the XXI century”, and one representative of the centre of innovation journalism, Igor Krivitsky for podcast “Cancer. Will win.”

The Series “The Homeless. Exit”, prepared jointly with the project “the Hangar of salvation” the Orthodox service “Mercy”, was launched on 12 November 2018. His heroes were four people, for a variety of reasons for homelessness: Alexey, Pavel, Ruslan and Alex. Seven weeks journalists in real time, chronicled their life, telling how these people solve their problems, perform their tasks. “In his multimedia series, we wanted to draw attention to homelessness. Their history largely proves that anyone can be in a difficult situation and get on the street — regardless of origin, residence, education, that is, it is not necessarily socially disadvantaged people. And the podcast is a very personal genre is a good way to convey that message, sympathy and understanding,” says Lina Alexwhite.

Faith Costume — winner of numerous professional awards, including the prestigious Julian Semyonov award in the field of extreme geopolitical journalism. She not only writes beautifully, but also shoots photos and video, mounts, handles, record audio podcasts. Faith specializiruetsya at work in hot spots, in zones of emergency situations and remote parts of Russia. “Mymodule in Nenets. How are the nomads of the XXI century” is a project of full immersion in the life of the Northern people, living without electricity and communication with the mainland.

The Project “Cancer. Win” was launched in October. His characters are participants in the annual World children’s winners ‘ games, which for 9 years in a row organize in Moscow the volunteers of the Fund “give life”. The podcast consists of 5 episodes: “Diagnosis”, “Hospitalisation”, “Treatment”, “statement”, “Winners”. Each of them is the story told by the children, their families and physicians. Podcast episodes are available on Apple platforms, Podcast, TuneIn, Google Podcasts, Podcast Addict.

In the competition of the Russian Union of journalists for the best journalistic work of 2018 participated 341 author. The award ceremony will be held in September in Sochi at the forum “Russia-2019”.

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