To give young children smartphones and tablets to “played and did not prevent”, is considered the most a good idea for a number of reasons. Over the weekend the journalist of the edition “The New Yorker,” Evan Osnos, joined the list of another item. It turns out that the persistence of a child can permanently deprive you of access to your gadget.
Those who had the opportunity to make a mistake when entering the password, I know the iPad is a simple but effective mechanism of protection against hacking by brute force attack. After three unsuccessful attempts the device is blocked for half an hour to let the user “waited and focused”. But if the person persists, the time is added in proportion to the number of taps on the screen.

It is not known how many times the 3-year-old son of Osnos tried to unlock his father’s tablet. But it is obvious that the kid tried very hard — the system has disabled access to an impressive 25 536 442 minutes! A little less than half a century, journalists have given rise to a legitimate fear that he might not survive until the right moment. It’s a shame, especially that tablet of his, bought with honest money.

Fortunately for Osnos, Apple has provided several ways out of such situations, but they are all tied to the backup. If it will not — it will not work, and will need to reset the gadget to factory settings. Osnos decided not to risk and not to hurry up and recently reported that he was able to run the update mode of the firmware. Well son let him play with the usual toys.

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