Paul Gorodnitsky – on devices, which have become trendsetters and determined the fate of the mobile market.

Steve jobs presented the first iPhone more than 11 years ago is now accepted that this model is totally turned the game.

In fact, all slightly different: the iPhone 2g was beautiful, but raw and infinitely expensive, so went with a party of only 6 million copies. It can be called a point of departure, but not the main Apple smartphone in history.

Main was other. All of them – below.

iPhone 4: at an unattainable level

By 2010, iOS was fought not with the archaic Symbian and Windows Mobile, and with the gaining popularity of Android. The OS from Google correctly believed Samsung, Sony and HTC – if you look at things objectively, it becomes clear that their flagships then in no way inferior to iPhone 3G/3Gs.

Apple devices were plastic, with boring design and overpriced, and the competitors have already implemented the metal, cut prices and otherwise mastered sverhtermicheskoy OSes.

But then Steve jobs shot so that everything was shaking. iPhone 4 slammed all at once. He was magically powerful, obscenely sexy, with great camera and screen luxurious.

It became clear to all, the king here, and it will not move. Although, again, prior to that Android vendors could easily throw Apple from the throne, while she was selling plastic smartphones. But no luck – the Quartet really was ahead of its time in design and quality display, and overall smoothness of the system.

iPhone 5s: the most important

Your own business-talent showed already not Steve jobs and Tim cook. Let me remind you: in 2013, Apple sells the iPhone 5 is clearly failing, and all the contenders rushed to increase the diagonal screens. Samsung – 5-inch, Sony 5-inch HTC 4.7 inch. In short, the most difficult challenge – either play by their rules, or bend the line.

Tim chose the second strategy and won. iPhone 5s was verified dominiruyushie the position of Apple in the market. Old design, Yes. The small display. But cook put on another.

First, this case is fantastically easy to use with one hand – so SE and sold iPhone so far. Secondly, the 5s was perfectly optimized: it came out just before the new iOS 7 and has become a model of the lightning operation of the system. Thirdly, this model introduced the fashion on the Golden case in China can’t calm down now as long as five years. And fourth (in-chief), 5s’s first mass – produced smartphone with the scanner of fingerprints.

What are the output? Classic design and two defined trend, which held for 5 years. Bravo, Cook.

iPhone X: dear and daring

Obviously, “ten” is the most daring and arrogant experiment Apple.

In Cupertino did a great neckline, turned the camera 90 degrees, removed the fingerprint scanner and have invested in unique displays that have destroyed the lower indent (“chin”).

As a result, in the winter of 2018, almost all Chinese manufacturers have unanimously provided their devices with monopoly. Characteristically, Samsung has proudly remained on the sidelines – now is the time every month to read reports about how poorly marketed the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Perhaps it’s a coincidence, but it is not the fact.

Anyway, the iPhone X is the most important smartphone of the last two years. How is it phenomenal? That is one ugly compromise and the detail made the model a hit, and a landmark bestseller. It is clear that this is shameless exploitation of her status, but Tim cook has clearly earned the right to take this step.

Now I wonder what will happen when Apple refuses to cut: will all the imitators to move quickly or continue to push to device “bangs”? Even more curious, when among Android companies to find one that also can win the lower indent, ordered the suppliers a curved display. Probably not before 2019.

P. S. Why in the list there is no iPhone 6?

Because this model is a reflection of the flexibility Apple. I know how to give a masterpiece, but sometimes willing to listen to the users.

Sixth iPhone – the second category: it (with Plus version) made when large displays were already nowhere to hide. The iPhone 6 simple design, practical case, very good screen and other obvious advantages, but this model did not change the world – rather, it reflects how the world has changed Apple.


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