In the era of digital technology, instant messengers have taken over the planet. They are comfortable, but not always optimal: communicate via messenger only possible with people who have the same app. On top of that to completely replace telephone calls, instant messengers can’t.

PRIMPRESS together with experts from MTS has prepared a review of convenient ways to save on your mobile calls via the Internet.

Calls over Wi-Fi
MTS in Primorye, launched technology Wi-Fi Calling, which allows you to take calls and talk on the phone even where the connection to the cellular network is far from ideal, but there is Wi-Fi. Technology two undeniable advantages — cost and availability. You can call worldwide at the rates of their city as if never left. Extra cost just yet. And still it is possible without any problems to call even where there is no mobile coverage but has Wi-Fi. Such places, like basements, shops or shopping centres, trains or crowded cafes.

Of course, make calls through the instant messengers, but there is a significant difference: when enabled on a smartphone function “calls over Wi-Fi” is the call as a normal telephone call. In this case the companion does not need to connect to the Internet to communicate with you.

Wi-Fi Calling is supported by the smartphone, so does not require installation of any additional programs. The only condition is to include it on your gadget and connect to Wi-Fi.

New technology VoLTE

The new VoLTE technology will help in that case if you are not near a wifi point. This method of transmitting voice over 4G provides almost instant — less than 2 seconds — the connection and high quality audio as if you were talking with a man at arm’s length. VoLTE allows you to simultaneously communicate with and to use 4G Internet access, for example, flipping the tape in Instagram, read the news or use the Navigator. To turn the feature on in the settings of the smartphone.

How to connect?

Internet phone calls will be made if one or both of these technologies are supported by the phone. To take advantage of new opportunities in the room must be connected free “Internet phone calls”. The service can be added using the USSD command *111*6#, the application “My MTS” or in personal account.

It is important to remember that, for a call with VoLTE or wifi Calling on a landline, you must dial the number in full format with the area code. If using VoLTE you dialed in the correct format, you will hear an answering machine that will inform you about this.

Technology VoLTЕ and Wi-Fi Calling available on many flagship devices of different manufacturers. It is available to owners of Apple gadgets starting from iPhone 5S and above, as well as smartphones from Samsung, Sony, LG etc.

The service “MTS connect”

If your smartphone does not support VoLTЕ and Wi-Fi Calling, to make calls over the Internet is possible through a special service “MTS connect”. The application is available to any subscriber of the operator. It is a substitute for a General Manager calls: you can dial the number manually or using my contacts. If necessary, the application really to configure so that incoming calls will go through this program.

“MTS connect” will work with any smartphone connected to the Internet, including via Wi-Fi network or SIM card of another operator. Then the application needs to log the number of MTS and the ordinary password of the personal Cabinet of the subscriber. Such alternative connection to the Internet is a great method of communication in areas of unstable network signal or abroad, where you can call via Wi-Fi or a SIM card from a local operator via the normal domestic tariff.

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