The UEFA Europa League has launched a blockchain-application for the purchase of electronic tickets on the matches of the tournament. Sports fans have been able to attend one of the matches of the super Cup, Euroleague, showing the smartphone with a virtual ticket.

According to a press release posted on the website of UEFA, the Association is trying to find a convenient way to distribute tickets that would meet high safety requirements. In August 2018, was tested a mobile platform that allows attackers to replicate or duplicate e-tickets.

In the super bowl between the football teams Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid held on 15 August 2018 in Tallinn, all the tickets for the General public was sold through a dedicated iOS and Android apps, created based on blockchain technology.

This system was previously tested in the sale of tickets for the Europa League final in Lyon, where he fought Atletico and Marseille. Then using a blockchain platform was implemented more than half of the audience tickets. The app works in conjunction with Bluetooth devices that are located at the entrance to the stadium.

Testing went well, so UEFA decided to use the new system more widely.

With the help of blockchain applications in 2018 you can buy tickets for all matches of the super Cup. UEFA plans to use this system, and at other events.


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