According to the company, loss of $500 thousand is the sum of lost earnings and impairment of investments Bytedance. In addition to financial losses, the ban affects the company’s reputation in the eyes of advertisers and investors and may lead to a reduction of more than 250 people, according to the lawsuit.

Assessment Bytedance, because of the ban, the company also loses about one million new users a day. Prior to the entry into force of the ban from TikTok was almost 300 million users in India, according to Analytics from Sensor Tower.

TikTok in India blocked after a complaint from one of the residents, who found that application where was a lot of minor, might attract pedophiles. In Bytedance say that the security system TikTok comparable to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, including in the field of parental control.

Court of India on 19 April decided that TikTok is a place of distribution of child pornography and banned the app. In accordance with the requirement of the local Zakonodatelstva Apple and Google have removed the TikTok app store in India.

According to Reuters, India’s Supreme court sent the lawsuit back Bytedance to the court which issued the ban. The next hearing will be held on April 24.

Photo: prykhodov / Photobank Fotogenica

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