And this against the background of a huge drop of Apple shares.

Apple CEO Tim cook made a very unexpected statement that sounded very surprising on the background of falling shares in the company since the last financial report. In an interview with Axios cook admitted that it became much less likely to use their iPhone.

According to Tim cook, he simply ceased to be necessary often to get your iPhone throughout the day. In addition, Apple’s CEO said that turned off most notifications on the smartphone to distract.

Probably Tim cook hinted that he doesn’t often get his iPhone out of his pocket thanks to the smart Watch Apple Watch, which come necessary alerts from your smartphone. However, in an interview with the cook is not stressed, so his statement sounded quite ambiguous.

Earlier, Apple shares have fallen dramatically because of the rumors that the new iPhone XR was much less popular than expected company. In addition, the stock drop was affected by Apple’s decision to stop disclose the exact sales statistics of iPhone, iPad and Mac with 2019.


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