In a recent interview with current Apple CEO expressed confidence that the industry of smartphones has not yet reached its peak. Moreover, Tim cook noted that it will be soon.

According to the head of Apple, now iPhone is a 12-year old kid (we are talking about 12 years which have passed since the release of the first generation of Apple smartphones), and call it “adult” too early.

Cook noted that the industry is developing gradually and is not always stable. Sometimes “the steps are huge, and sometimes not”. Today, however, many tend not to simply change existing things for the sake of change. The idea is to make the device better.

All these statements were made against the backdrop of a decline in sales of the iPhone. Analysts say that today’s flagship smartphones are in such demand as before, because users just don’t see any reason to change their devices every year. That is why some began to Express the view that innovation in smartphones has peaked.


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