Apple’s CEO Tim cook believes that the lack of restrictions in the sphere of IT-technologies causes great damage to society. He called on the us authorities to follow the example of the European Union, which last year was adopted by the General regulations on data protection.

The CEO of the American company Tim cook calls for increased state regulation in the field of IT-technologies. This he reasoned in a recent interview at the summit, the Time 100.

“Technology should be regulated. There are too many examples where the absence of restrictions has caused great harm to society,” said cook in an interview with the former chief editor of TIME magazine Nancy Gibbs.

Cook suggested that U.S. regulators can take the example of Europe, where in 2018 subject to the General rules on data protection (GDPR). “GDPR is not perfect. But GDPR is a step in the right direction,” — said cook.

Cook explained that in the light of recent data breaches and the influence of foreigners through social networks on the electoral process does not leave the technology industry another “responsible choice but to accept greater state control”.

“We strongly advocate for regulation, I see no other way”, — said the head of Apple.

That IT should be regulated, according to many other members of the digital community. On Friday, one of the founders of Facebook Chris Hughes lamented the fact that the founder of the social network mark Zuckerberg “controls the three main communication platforms — Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, which are daily used by billions of people” and creates a huge impact.

Hughes called on the us government to “break the monopoly of Facebook and to regulate the activities of the company so that it was more accountable to the Americans”.

He made it clear that the Board of Directors of Facebook has little to do.

“Mark alone can decide how to change the Facebook algorithms to determine what people read in their news feed and what kind of privacy policy they can use,” explained Hughes.

Hughes criticized Zuckerberg is that, by focusing on the growth of the social network, “traded security and the culture of communication in the clique”.

“I am concerned that mark has surrounded himself with a group of employees who support his position instead to challenge them,” he concluded.

We will add that in mid-April, the speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi, which is one of the main candidates from the Democrats in the presidential election of 2020, said the end of the “era of self-regulation” of the freedom of speech on the Internet. In her opinion, freedom of expression, enshrined in current laws, is a “gift” and “privilege” that can be cancelled if major technology companies will not move in the right direction.

Pelosi is convinced that Facebook has helped Donald Trump win the election, not enough regulating political advertising and giving Russian users to influence the vote. On top of that American liberals and progressives are calling for the strengthening of control over what they define as “hate speech” (a very broad definition that can justify almost any censorship).

Today, the filtering of information on the Internet is in the US on several levels. First of all, in educational institutions, according to the “Law on the protection of children from the Internet” (2000). However, wishing to restrict the Internet are still doing it at the level of individual organizations with the help of special software. Now we are talking about the introduction of Internet regulation at the state level.

We will remind, in the European Union recently approved the “Directive on copyright in the digital Single market”, article 13 of which provides that an Internet platform will be responsible for the actions of their users. Assumes that online services and social networks will have no choice but to create and apply filters download. And to use a more rigid approach to moderation that users publish on the Internet.

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