CEO of the largest Corporation Apple Tim cook said that all the news about low sales of the iPhone in last year’s lineup — no more than fiction, but also called iPhone XR bestseller, in order to finally put an end in the Wake of these rumors.

According to Tim cook, any information expressed in a negative way, about iPhone sales XR is nothing more than the result fantasy analysts, because the numbers indicate that this model is the most popular smartphone of the company. However, the CEO added that overall, the drop in sales of the new iPhone can also be seen in the Apple are already working on that in the near future to see the best results. He also said that the observed growth in the services sector, as well as the number of positive reviews from customers.

Finally, in his speech, cook said that Apple never did “the cheapest products” and was busy with the production of only “the best products that enrich people’s lives”. Of course, not everyone can pay $1000 for a smartphone, but because the company has offered iPhone and XR, as noted by Tim cook, all users were satisfied.

Appearance iPhone features XR from its counterparts — are available in the following colors, in addition to traditional black and white options: yellow, coral, blue and red. Such a variety of flowers immediately attracted the audience, because the alternative was not offered since the release of the 5C. However, the manufacturer immediately pushed away from the model of the potential buyers, giving the smartphone too thick by today’s standards framework around the display, which is allocated to IPS-matrix with a diagonal of 6.1 inches (1792х828 points).

Smartphone very nice in the hand, which reduces the risk of accidental slipping out of the model out of hand. However, despite the fact that the model is positioned as the most affordable in the line of Apple in case of any problems like a cracked screen or burnt modules, repair will have to pay a lot of money. In this case, it is advisable to consult specialists who are not only in time do the job, but also offer reasonable prices for iPhone repair XR.

By the way, the thick frame will not allow the phone to bend in your back pocket and slip out of his hands, and the aluminium case will protect the device from accidental cracked, that certainly is a plus of this model.

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