And stressed that Apple is not worried about weak sales in Russia.

In 2018 in Russia at the beginning of much more expensive equipment to Apple. All new Apple be assessed much more expensive, and in addition the company has raised prices on some older devices, including the AirPods and Mac computers. Today, Apple CEO Tim cook explained why this is so.

Apple is going up rapidly

Until the fall of 2018, Apple behaved in the Russian market is calm. But after the presentation on September 12, everything changed. New iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone, iPhone XR and Apple Watch Series 4 got noticeably increased prices. The iPhone XS with the official price of $999 was for 8 000 more expensive than last year iPhone X, whose price is also $999. In addition, Apple raised the price of wireless headphones AirPods for 1 500 rubles.

After the presentation on 30 October, things got worse. In addition to increased prices for all new products (iPad Pro 2018, 2018 MacBook Air, Mac mini 2018), Apple raised the price of old models of iPads and Macs in Russia. In the case of the iPad, the increase averaged 7 thousand rubles. In the case of Macs much more — up to 41 thousand rubles!

Why is this happening?

Tim cook explained the situation after today’s report are absolutely record-breaking quarter for Apple. According to the head of Apple, the price increase was due to the weakening and unstable behavior of the ruble. In the beginning of the year the dollar was worth 56 rubles, while in the autumn 65-69 rubles.

Therefore, cook confirmed that the adjustment of the prices for Apple equipment occurred in Russia due to the weakening of the ruble. He stressed that Apple had to raise the price of their equipment not only in Russia but also in India, Brazil and Turkey for the same reason.

Apple is not concerned about this

Cook also told investors that the drop in sales of Apple technology in Russia, Brazil, India and other developing countries in no way affects the success of the company. Thus cook made it clear that these countries are not a priority for Apple and the number of sold them devices for the company is not particularly important.


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