Cook tried to justify the high prices for the new IPhones.

New iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone became the most expensive Apple smartphones in history. The iPhone version XS Max with 512 GB of memory is estimated at $1449 or 127 990 rubles. Today, Apple CEO Tim cook explained in an interview with ABC television, why smartphones are so expensive.

According to Tim cook, the high price of the new iPhone XS iPhone XS Max due to the presence of smartphones in so many functions that they replace many other devices. Smartphones are a replacement for the camera, camcorder, music player and other gadgets.

Cook is confident that currently the smartphone has become the most important product, the acquisition of which obviated the need to buy a other devices. Also the head of Apple said that the iPhone XS iPhone XS is the most advanced and innovative smartphones that the company has ever produced.

Cook said that to pay for a new iPhone not necessarily immediately. Buy iPhone XS iPhone XS or Max contract with operator is available for $30-40 in a month or a little more than a dollar a day. Cook, however, did not consider that such a proposal is not in all countries. Russian operators do not offer this possibility.

The launch of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max on sale in Russia will be held on September 28. The iPhone XS starts from 87 990 rubles, and iPhone XS Max — 96 990 rubles. Note that in Russia the cost of the new iPhone has increased compared to iPhone X due to the weakening of the ruble.

Source: ABC.


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