This year, Apple has tried to accommodate the preferences of a wide range of consumers, offering the widest range of sizes and prices of branded smartphones in the history of the company. About this Apple CEO Tim cook said during an interview with the Nikkei, explaining the difference in price between the most expensive and the cheapest iPhone.

“We want to please everyone, said cook. — We understand how vast the audience of our users and how extensive their preferences and financial opportunities. We could offer only the most advanced solutions at the highest price, and be sure there would be willing to pay for them. This is a fairly large group of people, which could be based our entire business.”

Budget iPhone

However, says cook, Apple is trying hard to increase its share in the markets of developing countries where the demand for more affordable models. That’s why the company kept the iPhone 7 for the price of 449 dollars in an effort to offer the consumers the convenience which they find, buying vehicles with Chinese manufacturers.

Much of what earlier consumers had to buy separately, now fits comfortably in a smartphone, says cook. Apple has played this role, from year to year increasing not only the functionality of the iPhone, which is reflected in its price, but turning it into an increasingly personal device.


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