Apple’s CEO gave a heartfelt and inspiring speech at a music festival for minorities.

“I stand before you as an uncle, an athlete, Executive Director, big fan of Utah and the American gay. I came to bring you a simple idea: you are a gift to the world. Unique and special. Your life is really valuable. My heart breaks when I see children suffer, because they can’t be themselves. All around tell them that they are abnormal. Seek your truth and live by it.

You know what else you want to say? “Normal” is probably the most horrible word in the world. We don’t have to be the same. Same thought, same feeling, and so on. We are all different. And I know that sometimes life seems difficult, pointless, and unbearable. But as night gives way to day, at the end of the darkness on your life’s journey will appear a ray of light. You will feel more comfortable attitude towards life will change. Life will be better and you will prosper,” said cook.

Then came on stage, the artists from the band Imagine Dragons. Tim cook was invited there as one of the most influential people in the United States, supporting the LGBT community.


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