Tonight kupertinovtsy published a new financial report, according to which the profit of the company declined slightly. But Apple representatives do not see much cause for sorrow. The company trying to focus primarily on successes. To last Tim cook took AirPods.

According to the head of the Apple company, AirPods are in great demand. Moreover, Tim cook believes that wireless headphones have become “a cultural phenomenon”. Headphones are willing to buy and their sales are constantly growing. Best AirPods are sold during the holidays.

Chief financial officer Apple Luca Maestri also indicates a high user interest towards the brand wireless headphones. According to him, the company still can not satisfy the growing demand. Despite the fact that the original AirPods are sold the first year, users continue to buy them. Now there is the “second wave” — is very interesting headphone with wireless charging.

It should be noted that the high demand for AirPods speak as industry experts and journalists. According to some estimates, in 2018 the headphones are the most desired gift for the New Year.


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