CEO of Apple Tim cook at the annual meeting of the company in Cupertino told something new about the future products of the company. According to him, it is planned to reduce the price of the MacBook Air.

At the moment the basic version costs $ 1,200. How it is planned to reduce the price, not reported, but it is unlikely that the cost will fall below a thousand dollars. While cook said that Apple is on track to double revenue in 2020 compared to 2016. he Also noted that “never been so optimistic” in relation to the course of the company.

Finally, the head of the company said that users expect a long “a series of fantastic products” that are connected with smart clock Apple Watch and AirPods headphones. Given that these products demonstrate an impressive sales growth, it is logical to expect development in this direction.

Details about the new products, cook did not disclose, but judging by the recent rumors, the watch will get the option to track the status of the user during sleep.

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