The new iPhone has support for two SIM-cards only because this feature is popular among users from China who are able to provide high demand for such devices. About that CEO Tim cook said on the sidelines of the Theatre of Steve jobs reporters Chinese edition iFanR.

According to cook, the idea of an iPhone with two SIM-cards appeared as a result of studying of preferences of users from China. Of course, the need for two SIM cards can not only for the Chinese, but hardly anyone except them need this feature as much, said the General Director.

Why iPhone dual SIM card

“Starting with China, we continued to think over, to ensure the possibility of using [SIM] to all the rest, cook said. — The reasons why the Chinese can appreciate the advantages of an extra SIM card, applicable to other countries, but their inhabitants are in the majority probably just don’t realize it.”

Cook is confident that the Chinese market is a special market, and should be treated a little differently than everyone else. For this reason, a year ago, the iPhone appeared native capabilities to interact with QR codes, which are in China is much more popular than anywhere else.


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