It became known how much Tim cook and other top managers of Apple earned in 2018. According to the report of the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the US, wages of the head of Apple Tim cook last year amounted to $15.7 million, from $3.7 million more than the year before. The report also showed that the average annual salary of Apple employees is $55,426 is 283 times less than cook.

Tim cook, according to tradition was one of the lowest paid of the top managers of Apple. Chief financial officer Apple Luca Maestri received for the year 2018, much more — $26.5 million company’s Chief legal counsel Kate Adams earned $26.7 million, and senior Vice President for retail and online trade Angela Ahrendts — $26.5 million Each of the top managers Apple earned in the year 2018, approximately 20% more than in 2017.

The average salary of all the employees of Apple is $55,426 that is hundreds of times less than that of top managers. However, this is due to the fact that many Apple retail stores whose employees receive less money compared to office workers.

Publishing data on the salaries of Apple executives immediately caused a heated discussion not only among Apple fans but also from experts. Many believe that such a decent increase in wages of top-managers does not fit with the serious decline of iPhone sales in 2018.

Source: WSJ.


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