Last week, Tim cook received a 560 000 shares of Apple worth about $ 125 million as a reward for the performance of official duties.

As noted in the report of the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the United States, this week Apple CEO sold 160 265 stock price which ranged from 216,96 dollars to 218,54 dollars per unit. With this sale, Tim cook received an amount of 57.8 million dollars. The remaining 294 840 shares in the allocation of about 63 million U.S. dollars, was withheld by Apple in taxes.

According to internal documents of the Corporation from Cupertino, cook will receive 560 000 shares of AAPL each year for the next three years, while he remains CEO of Apple and the company continues to evolve.

Last year, Tim cook earned a total of 102 million dollars. Previously, he said he plans to give all his wealth to charity.

The state of the current CEO of Apple is estimated at 600 – 700 million dollars.


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