Moscow, April 24 — “News. Economy” technology Market must have government regulation. This was said by CEO of Apple Tim cook in an interview with Time magazine.

According to the head of Apple, only through careful control will be able to protect users and their data from abuse by companies that are often involved in the seizure of confidential information and transmit them to third parties.

“We should all be honest and priznatsya that what we are doing is not working. Technology should be regulated. There are many actual examples where the lack of control inflicted incomparably great damage to society,” said Tim cook.

Apple CEO said that speaking about the regulation, he meant control by the government. This does not mean the ban of certain technologies. The purpose of regulation in understanding Tim cook is the protection of ordinary citizens who find themselves at a disadvantage before corporations, because they can not do anything to stop them.

Tim cook urged the U.S. government to adopt privacy policies in the Internet. Cook said that the European GDPR (General data protection regulation), the purpose of which is to provide consumers with more control over their data is a good sample for the first step.

Cook, however, was skeptical about the promotion of the United States in this direction because interelement positions of American companies. “I’m not sure,” said cook, when asked how he was confident that the US will come up with a reasonable, constructive regulation rules. “I think the best example for us will be when Europe will come up with something. GDPR is not perfect, but GDPR is a step in the right direction.”

In light of high-profile data breaches and foreign influence on political elections through social media, cook believes that the technology industry has no other responsible choice but to accept more stringent state control.

Previously, cook has advocated the need for regulation in the field of information technology. Apple CEO criticized the technology companies of Silicon valley and the abuse of personal data of users during a speech at the international conference on data protection in Brussels

According to cook, the personal data of users used as a weapon against them.

“Every day billions of dollars pass from hand to hand, and a countless number of decisions are made based on our likes and dislikes, the data about our friends and families, our relationships and conversations, cook said. These pieces of data, each of which is fairly harmless by itself, carefully collected, synthesized, they trade them, sell them”.

The head of Apple said that personal information is used for advertising sales, however, did not mention tech giants Facebook and Google, which are often accused of using users ‘ data for money.

“We should not gloss over the consequences. This is a real surveillance. And these stocks of personal data serve only to enrich the companies that collect them,” said cook.

Interestingly, mark Zuckerberg, who heads Facebook, the social network, often criticized for leaking of personal data, also called for more active role of governments and regulators in the process of developing norms and standards on the Internet. This is stated in his blog published on the website of the company.

“I think we need a more active role of governments and regulators. Updating rules for the Internet, we can preserve the best thing in it, — the freedom of expression for people and the freedom to create new entrepreneurs while protecting society from the harm large scale,” said Zuckerberg.

The head of Facebook highlighted four areas that need new global rules of the regulation. We are talking about privacy, issues of data transfer between services, the use of the Internet in election campaigns and the fight against abusive and illegal content, writes The Verge.

Zuckerberg believes that Internet companies must adhere to common standards in the fight against offensive and hateful content. These standards for determining unwanted content and approaches to its removal, have to be defined by regulators.

With regard to the use of the Internet in election campaigns, Zuckerberg cited Facebook’s new rules for transparency of political advertising. However, he noted that the existing legislation on expenditure on political advertising has focused mainly on candidates and not organizations and needs to be updated.

Social network, Zuckerberg said, “gives everyone a chance to speak,” and its members “are responsible for the safety of people” who use such services. “This means making decisions about what constitutes the promotion of terrorism, hate speech and many others,” — said the businessman, noting that Facebook is constantly reviewing its policies in this area with experts, however, flawless in the scale of social media its hard to do.

“I came to the conclusion that we should not make so many important decisions on my own. Therefore, we create an independent body that people could appeal our decision,” said Zuckerberg.

The same applies to political advertising, says Zuckerberg. According to him, is not always easy to decide what is considered political advertising. “Our system would be more effective if the regulation created common standards for the verification of the political subjects”, — he wrote. In addition, concluded the founder of Facebook, common regulations would help in the protection of personal data of users.

The head of the social network believes that it is necessary to develop new norms regarding which ads placed in social networks, should be considered of a political nature. He noted in this connection that Facebook creates a database where you can check who ordered the dissemination of a particular political advertising and what the audience familiar with it.

Speaking about privacy, Zuckerberg approved adopted EU regulation on data protection (GDPR) and advocated the emergence of a similar framework laws in other countries. In his opinion, such laws should protect the right of users to determine how companies can manage their data, and to give the opportunity to penalize the services for violations.

Finally, the head of Facebook said that any rules should guarantee the ability to migrate from one service to another: in this area also needs to be a common standard for all companies.

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