In a brief interview with Fast Company, Tim cook said that music means for them, and what are the competitive advantages of the Apple Music service.

“I can’t train without music. Music inspires me and motivates. At night it helps me to calm down. I think it’s better than any medicine,” said the head of Apple.

Tim cook never tires of reminding about the special approach in the development of the Apple Music service. Unlike competitors, Apple’s attention is focused on the nature of human perception:

“We’re worried about what human traits disappear from the music and it becomes just a jumble of bits and not the art or craft”.

According to Tim cook, music services is one of the types of businesses with the highest costs. But Apple wants into this industry not for the money.
One of the biggest competitors of Apple in this field — platform music streaming Spotify continues to lose money, despite the fact that it has 83 million active users.

In may 2018 the number of regular subscribers to Apple Music has reached 50 million people. The company intends to use this service as another tool to attract customers into the Apple ecosystem and retain loyal users. Therefore, the losses and lack of revenues from this activity at this stage is not as critical when considering the long-term prospects.


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