Users suffering tablets iPad Pro 2018 new problem. Owners of the latest models of iPad Pro report that Apple Pencil stylus 2 leaves noticeable scratches on the body of the tablet. Moreover, users claim that they used the iPad with a stylus very careful, but scratches could not be avoided.

From 2018 the new iPad Pro and stylus Apple Pencil 2 there is a cool feature. Stylus magnets to the side of the tablet and automatically begins to charge. The Apple solution is very original and innovative, but clearly not thought out to the end.

Users iPad Pro 2018 complaining that when you install the stylus to charge it scratches the body of the tablet. The scratches remain visible and large, they can be seen in the below photo.

Some users iPad Pro 2018 claim that they have no such problems. However, the complaining users abound. At the moment none of them could learn from Apple, also include a scratch warranty and exchange if the company tablet for a new one.

Apple itself has not yet commented on the issue.

Source: Reddit.


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