10% discount on books and printed production of the publishing house “White crow” can be obtained by applying the promo code from the mobile app Family with the purchase on the website of the publisher. It is simple, but very effective: users of the free mobile application “Family”to save 10% on the purchase of books. Download the app for Apple or Android, and join our loyalty program.

Publishing house “White crow” publishes books for children, Teens and parents from 2013. The publishing team in the selection of books primarily focused on the quality of texts and illustrations. Acclaimed bestselling series of books about Petson and Findus Sven Nordqvist, “Ball in play” Alexei Durnovo, “Your letters I keep under my mattress” by Astrid Lindgren and Sara, Swardt “Mysteries detective Pike” Kalousek Jiri, Jiri Lapacek and books of Eric Carle for kids. “The very hungry caterpillar” Eric Carle, today we’re giving away on instagram group Poster CHIPS.

How to get a discount? It’s simple: download the app (free) in AppStore or in Google Play and will receive: a POSTER of children’s events and DISCOUNTS in theatres, cafes, shops, a games.

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