The creators of the Apple Watch 4 on Apple’s official website has posted a video create a screen saver for the most intelligent to date hours. They, as you recall, was presented on September 12, along with other gadgets from the new line. The video partially shows the steps of creating all the headpieces: with flame, liquid metal, water and colorants. Sounds boring, but it looks amazing.

It may seem that the screen saver for the Apple Watch 4 created using computer graphics, but such a realistic effect, the crew has achieved through very hard work. To begin with, was simulated dial — with metal frame (much like a gas burner in Soviet communal apartments — see video). Next, the frame was dipped in water, splashed with paint, “burned” and removed in parallel.

“We could do this digitally, but decided to shoot everything in the Studio, — says President of Apple’s interface design Alan Grant. — It is very significant is the work of a team of designers to create our best products.”

Note that the Apple Watch 4 comes with a (in contrast to the previous hours in the line) is increased dial and function of the electrocardiogram. As was stated at the presentation on September 12, the smart watch is available in three colors: silver, gold and space grey.

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