Employees of “Kaspersky Lab” conducted a study and found that mean smartphones in people’s lives.

For June 2018 surveyed 750 of the Russians. Respondents were asked what they are willing to give up for the sake of possibility to appeal to the smartphone.

Approximately 50% of respondents decided to remain without an umbrella in the rain, 25% can do without medicine and food in case of need, and nearly 20% are ready to abandon the warm clothes in the winter.

The study revealed that dependence on mobile devices takes rampant. Half of the respondents use a smartphone and 20% and does not go with the gadget into the shower. People often use the navigation on your phone, even if you know the route. Sometimes they keep a device in hand, to create the illusion of employment and to avoid the unwanted conversations.

The majority of respondents — 69% — I remember when mobile phones were not particularly common. But three-quarters of respondents would not want to return to that era.

Approximately every fourth carry an external battery to stay connected, and almost 40% of people control the stock battery.

According to experts of “Kaspersky Lab”, a strong user attachment to smartphones in the first place I hasten to exploit. With the popularity of gadgets is growing and the number of malicious applications that can steal personal data of people and to access payment information.


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