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In China detained a former senior canadian diplomat Michael Covrig, lost deepstatus, and hence immunity, just two years ago. There is little doubt that this is the answer of Beijing to the arrest of a top Manager of Huawei Meng Wanzhou, which sought the extradition of the United States. Now the mask dropped: world market transferred to frankly gangster action.

Michael Covrig in the recent past, the canadian Vice-Consul (it is the third largest consular post) in China, in present — senior Advisor of the NGO “international crisis group”. In China, he arrived for the service required.

Details of the arrest Kovriga no. There is a “serious concern” that almost simultaneously expressed by the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and the U.S. state Department. And there is a reasonable suspicion that the arrest was connected with a key top Manager of Huawei Meng Wanzhou, what the Chinese party is unlikely to confess. In modern diplomacy is not accepted to admit that your country has been taken hostage by a foreign citizen, since his homeland was taken hostage.

The newspaper VIEW a detailed analysis of the scandal with the arrest of Mrs. the man and why this arrest is very important for the world, in particular, for Russia. That’s not the only episode of the trade war between the US and China, but running the practice, which, quite possibly, the Americans will rely upon further attempts to retain the role of world police. However, the us-China component at the moment seem to be a priority.

Before the man was released by the canadian court on bail. This leaves a convenient space for bargaining: if the United States is not officially justify its request for the extradition of a man for violation of the sanctions regime against Iran, let her go. While Washington did not, no documents Canadians did not get a period until 8 Jan.

But in parallel increased the pressure on the holding company Huawei as such. Banning state purchase of products, the Americans are working on the extension of this measure at the expense of the allies. In recent days, restrictions in varying degrees joined Australia, Britain and New Zealand. In full — Japan. We have South Korea, and it is clear why: such as Samsung and Apple, the main competitor of Huawei.

Europeans mostly are slow, knowing full well that the main motive of US — the desire to push economic competitor non-economic measures, and emanating from Huawei “cybersecurity threats”, which was proclaimed in the American Congress just a convenient excuse. German experts check the products of the Chinese giant, not finding in it anything suspicious.

Earlier and approximately the same pattern of the market began to displace the ZTE Huawei after the second Chinese leader in the field of telecommunication equipment. The pressure on the two technology giants of China runs parallel and still waiting for Beijing, preferring to resolve problems through secret negotiations and reasonable concessions (one of these concessions is fundamentally important for the United States — was announced yesterday), will overflow the Cup of patience.

How long the Chinese will continue to perform the role of a dove, an open question. Value Huawei fundamentally, it is the locomotive of the Chinese economy and Chinese influence on the world market, with the company related to the enormous expectations. In addition, Meng Wanzhou — financial Director, Deputy Chairman, dear daughter of the President and founder of Huawei Ren Jenvey extremely popular at home and are expected to eventually have to sit in father’s chair. On this basis, the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung considers her arrest — neither more nor less — as a “Declaration of war”, and the Chinese are hardly ready to surrender in advance.

Moreover, according to the newspaper VIEW, circles close to the leadership of Huawei, MS man was a principled supporter of respect for all U.S. prohibitions and restrictions, including the regimes of sanctions. According to her logic, we can’t risk the strategic goal is the further expansion of the company on the global market for short-term local benefits. Accordingly, from time to time quarrels with Washington should be avoided by any means. It is better to “accumulate forces, to stay in the shade”, as bequeathed to the country Deng Xiaoping — the idol Jen Jenvey.

Indeed, the recognition of anti-Iranian restrictions is a loss and a blow to your own pride, as Washington these limitations clearly overstepped acceptable. But it’s nothing compared to the seizure of leadership in 5G technologies, which develops in most rich countries right now. In the Oceania region the US is trying to push China in the first place, from such projects.

While everyone knows that the US is unlikely to find direct evidence that personally man or violated U.S. laws, but they have a reason the evidence to fabricate. Thus, out of the situation while it is logical to not push scoperta Washington and Ottawa. And arrest Kovriga timing was perfect.

The official publication of the CPC Central Committee Renmin Ribao yet virtually ignores the key role of the Americans in this story. But the actions of Canada called “a gross violation of human rights and the spirit of the law”, “not relevant to justice,” “inconsistent with the true state of Affairs” carrying “extremely negative” and “serious implications for Canada”. Mentioned “high price” to pay if Canadians “will not fix their mistake.”

“The Chinese side will not initiate problems, but she’s not afraid of them, nobody should ignore the confidence, will and power of China — emphasizes the mouthpiece of the Communist party. Canada it should be understood that between the generally accepted truth, justice and the tumults there is no ambiguity”.

In parallel the Chinese foreign Ministry were alternately caused by canadian and American ambassadors, and the latter was listed on “the loathsomeness” action against the man. This is a pretty harsh term, especially for Chinese diplomacy, but it is justified.

In fact, the USA used medieval methods of eliminating competitors, just clothed in modern form. Previously, it was taking a hostage and force blackmail, now request to Canada for extradition (the Americans, of course, knew that living in Canada, husband of Mrs. man and that she’s a regular there), but the essence is the same.

It’s possible that Justin Trudeau, which the European view of the world is much closer than us, he feels like a hostage of circumstances. He has a huge claim to current U.S. policy (e.g., tariffs on steel) and there is no obvious reason to beat the pots with the Chinese, with which trade is on the rise. But the pressure on him both outside and inside. The conservative (and traditionally focused on the USA) the opposition in Parliament has put the question bluntly — what does the country’s “spy” Huawei and the government plans to undertake in connection with this “spying”. Local media support of anti-Chinese hysteria in his own way, publishing “on the topic” interview with former intelligence officers and experts in cybersecurity, where a refrain is present, the idea of the threat posed by Huawei.

Yet Trudeau — the man who alone can resolve the crisis. If he does not and Meng Wanzhou will be given in the United States, rates will increase enormously.

In the end, the Chinese, of course, some whacks. But the rest of the so-called global world, it’s time to realize that the mask is reset. Market competition and the elimination of trade barriers, touted by the global elite over the last three decades, suddenly receded in favor of the methods is quite gangster, in which might makes right, that is, the law is the right of the strongest.

By the way, this is quite a common story for the old American westerns about small towns on the frontier. Usually the “right of the strong” from the militants or the high-handed Sheriff was able to reset in the case where opposed them other inhabitants of the city, a total which is an even more formidable force. In the case of the current scandal under the “ordinary citizens” should be aware of all the other countries in the global market. Which, by the way, against the background of us-Chinese scandal and the works of man Wanzhou sagged noticeably.

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