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Apple is one of the largest and most expensive high-tech companies in the world. However, not everything that the company introduced in 2018, has met the expectations of fans of “Apple” brand. We decided to recall the most disappointing releases of Apple in 2018.

1. Apple jacked up the prices on all products.

Apple raised the starting price on most of the novelties 2018 year compared to the same period a year ago: the initial price of the most affordable of the new IPhones increased $50. At $70 it increased the price of the basic version of Apple Watch. The price tag on the new iPad Pro has grown to $150, the initial package included the MacBook Air went up by $200. The Mac Mini has increased in price to $300.

2. Apple got rid of the iPhone SE
In 2017 the most affordable iPhone was the iPhone SE for ~$350. In 2018, Apple removed this device from the product line on the website. Now, the cheapest iPhone is available for $449. How much is the iPhone 7 and it’s a great smartphone, but not as compact as the iPhone SE.

3. Column HomePod is pretty mediocre

HomePod did in 2012. Initially, support for voice assistant Siri was not planned. All the attention focused on the music. Column sounds great. But to make a good speaker, something more “intelligent” did not work. Voice assistant Siri can not read the latest news, to talk about traffic, restaurant recommendations and much more. Instead, it can only play music and set the timer. HomePod does not work with devices on Android, not friendly with something besides Apple Music. At this price tag in comparison with analogues tangible — $350.

4. Boring announcements Sep

The September event is quite boring — all the names, specifications and features, as well as photos of new products has long flowed into the Network, and no breakthrough “one more thing” was not. But there was joyless for fans of Apple news: the company stopped selling the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE, but about the expected wireless charging AirPower not a word was said.

6. the iPhone XS is a weak update of the iPhone X.

Tradition the Apple was the release of more powerful models with the letter “S” a year after the announcement of a new flagship line of smartphones. Was no exception and X iPhone will debut in 2017. However, this year we saw the iPhone XS, which is only slightly superior to its predecessor, the improved camera, and slightly improved hardware. Many experts agree in opinion that the update has turned out boring.

7. A good redesign of the iPad Pro, but with restrictions

The redesign of the iPad Pro was a success. The device itself was powerful, but to replace the laptop all also cannot. Why? Well, for example, Apple first added the USB-C port, but you cannot use it to connect external disk drives. In addition, Apple is refusing to give users the ability to control the tablet using a mouse or trackpad. This means that in order to touch the screen, it is necessary to constantly sign in hand, and this experience is not very convenient, if to compare the work on the tablet with the computer. In the end, the power of the iPad Pro is quite comparable to laptops, but to catch up and surpass laptops interfere with the restrictions imposed by Apple.

8. iOS 12 is not much different from iOS 11.

The most significant change in iOS 12 can be considered as a grouping of notifications by app — this will allow you to save some space on the lock screen. There are also macros for Siri, which, apparently, is not a very large number of people have learned to use and “screen time” and limiting application usage.

These innovations may be useful to someone who have problems with time management. But in General, there is a sense that this is a very “niche” updates, and anything globally in the OS has changed. In previous versions of iOS were more important updates that help improve the quality of life, which for many changed the experience from using iPhone or iPad.

9. No adapter for quick charging

All three new smartphones support quick charge function that enables up to 50% battery charge in just half an hour. However, none of the models has no need for this adapter in the kit.

10. Siri still not very much.

Voice assistant Siri is still behind its competitors, and it’s unclear whether they’ll be able to catch up. Apple introduced Siri as a new feature of the iPhone 4s, but since voice assistants in the development of strongly and quickly rushed forward. As a result, the scaling capacities Siri took up too much time and effort, which the company is not usually enough — new features added almost every year.

Another problem is working with other applications. When Siri was created, Steve jobs saw her only as a Supplement to the smartphone. The other was banned. As a result, when the paradigm was changed to Apple a decision was made that Siri will work with other applications and services, began the long process of processing of a voice assistant. Think this is one of the reasons why so bad HomePod works with third-party applications.

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