The best finds!

We regularly create collections from AliExpress (they are here) and find really great products, many of which are not suitable for collections. In order not to miss such products, we decided to allocate them a separate category. Talk about the best finds today from AliExpress!

1. Signal booster wifi from Xiaomi

Price: 1107 rubles.

Powerful and proven by thousands of customers signal booster Wi-Fi from the company Xiaomi. Will once and forever solve the problem with the fact that Wi-Fi catches not around the house or signal in some rooms very poor.

2. Ultrasonic air purifier

Price: 1026 roubles (30% discount).

Great air purifier with three-liter water tank and the possibility of continuous moisture for up to 12 hours. The gadget uses special ultrasonic technology to spray water, thereby increasing the air cleaning efficiency.

3. Shaver Xiaomi

Price: 1431 rouble.

Popular shaver from the company Xiaomi. The razor looks very stylish, but the main thing — quality shaves due to three rotating heads.

4. Glove for combing animals

Price: 191 ruble (40% discount).

Very soon the spring, and with it, and molting animals. If you want to be ready for it, is to buy a special glove for combing. It will effectively comb out all the hair that otherwise would be all over the house.

5. Magnetic mount cables

Price: 291 ruble (10%).

Stylish and affordable magnetic cable holder. Will give the opportunity finally to organize the cables on your desktop. The holder can be mounted both horizontally and vertically e.g. on a wall or table.

6. Cycling sunglasses

Price: 1117 roubles (61%).

Another product that will be useful for the upcoming spring. Chic Cycling sunglasses — an ideal purchase for all fans of Cycling.

7. Docking station for wireless charging

Price: 448 roubles (discount 14%).

Beautiful dock wireless charging, made of wood. Power charging is not a record — 5V, but safe. Smartphone it’s not going to overheat.

8. Original lamp Xiaomi

Price: 981 ruble (10%).

A stunning wall light from the omnipresent Xiaomi. It is not necessary to change light bulbs! It is charged by USB and works for a very long time. In everyday mode, the charging lamp will require only 180 days!

9. Fully wireless headphone

Price: 1977 rubles (20% discount).

Unusual wireless headphones from a reputable manufacturer Baseus. They are unusual because of their shape. Mount headphone in the ear is a dual way. Due to this, outside ear headphones certainly look unusual, but suddenly fall out of the ear they have no chance.

10. Sunglasses with wooden frame

Price: 1145 rubles (40% discount).

The original glasses with a wooden frame. Will help to drastically update the image.


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