Fresh selection!

A new batch of unusual finds from AliExpress! In this issue: useful pocket gadgets, the original portable speakers with LED lighting that can be customized, “smart” microphone for karaoke and more!

1. Pocket umbrella

Price: 738 rubles (26%).

A compact umbrella that will fit into any pocket. Just help out the approaching spring, when the rains will start as usual without warning.

2. Smart light bulb Xiaomi

Price: 1483 ruble.

The best “smart” bulb from Xiaomi dropped substantially in price. Light can Shine in millions colors and be managed directly from the special app from your smartphone. Also in the app you can set the schedule of work of light bulbs, to turn it off when needed and much more.

3. The backlight for the TV

Price: from 134 rubles (30% discount).

High-quality lighting for the TV, which will allow you to make the interior more original. For lighting you can change the colors that will especially appeal to fans of football, as when you view the matches you can select the illumination color is green and thereby make the image deeper.

4. Trimmer for nose and ears from Xiaomi

Price: 990 roubles.

Tested the trimmer for nose and ears. Case trimmer durable and in the best traditions of the devices, Xiaomi has a modern minimalistic design. The main thing that shaves the trimmer is really good quality.

5. Baby monitor

Price: 2697 rubles (50% discount).

Baby monitors with convenient mounting by which the camera will be able to fix anything. This is really important, because often baby monitors can only be installed on a flat surface.

6. Shipping from Russia! Column LED display

Price: 4040 roubles.

A very original portable speakers with custom LED display! In a special application, you can customize the image that will be displayed on the column or choose from dozens of pre-created images. Definitely one of the most unusual speakers we’ve ever seen.

7. Silicone bottle Xiaomi

Price: 640 roubles (5% discount).

Beautiful silicone bottle that can be folded several times or even twist. Help out in the campaign or on trips when space for water bottles in the Luggage, of course not.

8. Camping multitool

Price: 195 roubles (30% discount).

Another useful gadget for travel. This camping multitool, which has always need Cutlery: fork, spoon and opener.

9. The karaoke microphone for Xiaomi

Price: 1956 rubles.

If you love to sing karaoke, then this device from Xiaomi you need. It’s a microphone that connects to your smartphone and connect with a special application. The application can choose a song and begin to sing with the microphone.

10. Glow sunglasses

Price: 513 rubles (5% discount).

Original luminous points. It is important to note that they are not charged from the sun or even in any unusual way. Included with them is the charger that you need to charge the glasses. After charging the glasses will Shine bright for a long time and continuously unlike similar models with charging, for example, from the sun.


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