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Fresh daily selection of our unusual finds on AliExpress! In this issue: charging cable for iPhone that will always be with you, magic case for iPhone, phone as a typewriter and much more.

1. Charger cable keychain

Price: 538 roubles (20% discount).

Cable keychain for charging iPhone, which will always be at hand. Due to its design the cable will not tear, as it most of the time he will be in the folded state.

2. Bag for gadgets and cables

Price: 990 rubles (50% discount).

Stylish bag made from faux leather for cables and various small gadgets. It looks very modern, but most importantly, organizes all the detail.

3. Case stuck on iPhone

Price: 262 ruble (15% discount).

Magic case for iPhone, which attaches to any surface. Case really did not lose their original properties and continues to hold tight to vertical surfaces even if it’s washed!

4. Sneakers Xiaomi

Price: 3106 roubles (discount 29%).

Checked sneakers from Xiaomi. Coming in the spring, when comes the time for Jogging, definitely please.

5. Stickers in the style of the TV series “Friends”

Price: 231 ruble (discount 11%).

A set of 33 stickers in the style of the cult TV series “Friends”. Stickers are inexpensive, but very high quality.

6. Magnetic keys holder

Price: 244 ruble (discount 26%).

Small magnetic key holder in the form of a cloud. Small but creative accessory for the hallway.

7. Phone-machine

Price: 1713 rubles (discount 21%).

Full keypad on a flip phone, which when folded looks like a sports car. The phone fully supports two SIM-cards, including the Russian operators, works without recharging for up to five days. A good option for “dialer” for every day or as a first phone for a child.

8. Knee braces for running

Price: 201 rubles (40% discount).

Another useful accessory for running. Popular knee braces that will help keep the knee joint intact.

9. Ball puzzle

Price: 601 ruble.

Unusual Orb-a puzzle that consists of small pieces of wood. Great toy for a child or just a unique accessory for the home.

10. Mechanical keyboard

Price: 5472 ruble (20% discount).

Elegant mechanical keyboard from a trusted manufacturer Tronsmart. Keyboard with blue switches Superior Outemu has a stylish gaming design, full RGB backlight that can be customized, ergonomically designed stand. Unlike the cheap mechanical keyboards from AliExpress this is a truly reliable and durable.


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